Hunting Organizer


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•  Weather & Solunar Forecast

•  Hunting Log

•  Maps & Orientation


Hunting Organizer - an Overview

Be Prepared for the Wild.


Hunting organizer is your digital tool for planning, logging and sharing your hunting adventures:

  • Weather and Solunar Forecast
  • Hunting Log
  • Share your Achievements
  • Configurable Dashboard
  • Maps & Orientation
  • Offline Functionality

The Swiss Army knife for the modern hunter. Straightforward, intuitive and reliable.


Success requires preparation.


Hunting Organizer provides detailed forecasts for reliable planning - schedule your hunting trip when optimum conditions prevail.

Location-based and worldwide weather and solunar data, sunrise/sunset times, lunar phases and much more:

  • 24h and up to 16 day weather forecast
  • weather warnings and advanced weather graphs
  • solar and lunar cycle
  • detailed solunar ratings/graphs for up to 30 days in the future

Hunting Log

Log your adventures...

Any sighting, shot and kill can be logged quickly and easily. Create an entry, select species and add a photo – all relevant data such as location, time and weather will be added automatically.

All entries can be synched with all your devices and the cloud – they'll be available wherever you are, plus you won't have to worry about data loss should you lose your device.


share your achievements.

Share your logged adventures on Facebook, Google+ and many more - and stay up to date with your friends' achievements from within the app.


Maps & Orientation

navigating the wild.


Always knowing where you are is crucial out in the wilderness. These tools will help you navigate, even when you're offline.

  • topographic and satellite maps
  • compass
  • offline functionality

Configurable Dashboard

all your tools at a glance.


Place your favorite functions on the Dashboard for quick overview and direct access. Configure it to show your most relevant information at a glance – and switch between multiple locations with a simple swipe.

Everything under control - you'll know days ahead where hunting will be most promising, what the weather will be like and what your friends are up to.

For a better experience in Twilight the Interface automatically changes to a dark theme when using outdoor at night. 

The Swiss Army Knife for the modern Hunter
— Paul McGill, Wyoming

Hunting Organizer


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